About us


Hi crane borns from the demand of workers in the sector of hydraulic cranes: designers, manufacturers, technicians in response to the new global market needs. The client becomes the focal point where ideas born and develop. We listen and share clients’ need and we create machines. A very rich range of models and variations with arms or extensions. Hydraulic cranes for trucks
Marine cranes
Self-propelled cranes
Cranes for fixed pedestal
The modular principle simplifies the production. The same set for different machines optimizes the fulfilment, check the quality and it reduces delivering times enormously. Flexibility in the design, based on the detail and no more on the finished crane, makes every client’s need possible and economically feasible. To design, create and to sell a crane every designer has to look after about four elements: performance, weight , price and quality. Every designer has a proper order of priorities. We decided not to renounce at the quality, creating a high performed product well combined with the weight and we estimated a fair price according to the quality and performance. We give particular attention to the captivating design, sometimes aggravating with round and soft lines. Our production workshops use exclusively high resistant steel like S700 steel. Tempered steel is used in pivots like C45 steel. In the Hubs we use S355 steel. The block valves are put on the flange Valves, barrels, suppliers, pipes and connections are made by the best Italian manufacturers. Workshops are in Italy and the assemblies are made in our Italian factories. Our cranes are sold all around the world.
We tried to optimize some processes:
Galvanization: some details are galvanized above all those that are touched by workers’ hands or those that are disassembled for the maintenance.
Welding : it is automate or manual made by qualified workers
Painting : we start from the sandblasting, then we use the primer and we varnish twice to obtain the typical Green Lime Hi-crane. Color was a very important choice! It identifies hi-cranes’ s client and it highlights his choices.
The rapport with the client is very confident, we respect and we collaborate with him. We invest on the client to grow and the client invests on us to develop as well.
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